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Developing Performance Measurement

Developing Performance Measurement


Developing Performance Measurement - Lined Up Ducks AdelaideThis program is designed to follow our Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) basics program and is to designed to help you go from talking about your program, to moving forward and identifying performance measures that can be actioned.

We will walk through a process of creating clarity about purpose, customers and metrics that makes sense and results in tangible actions that, if implemented, will give you reliable data about the impact of your efforts.


You will receive assistance to identify performance measures for your program or service that will provide reliable data about the impact of what you do or are planning to do.

Suitable for:

For people who want to use RBA™ to measure the performance of their social program or human service.


This stage is delivered through four easy steps:

  • Short phone conversation with you
  • Email sent to you to confirm details
  • 1.5 hour team or individual appointment via Zoom

Email containing summary, recap and links to any resources you need

Taking it further:

If you want to then demonstrate your results at a population level, we can also conduct a follow-up session to help you to understand how to measure and represent scaled results.