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Results Based Accountability™ Basics

Results Based Accountability™ Basics

results Based Accountability - Lined Up Ducks AdelaideDescription:

Includes elements of our Social Impact Measurement Basics program which serves as an introduction to social impact, outlining:
  • What does social impact mean?
  • How can you get involved?
  • What are the benefits?
The program draws on the contents of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough by Mark Friedman in which the author helps us understand how to produce measurable improvements for customers and communities. Results Based Accountability™, or RBA, is an outcomes-focussed thinking process that begins with the end result in mind. It’s a tool used for planning, monitoring, evaluation and the continuous improvement of projects, services and populations.


You will understand the basics of RBA and figure out how it might apply to your situation or project.  It will help you create a bank of facts and figures that can be used to help strengthen your case to obtain funding or other forms of support.  You will also learn about the common terminology that’s used. Suitable for: This is for leaders and managers in social services, both government and non-government who want to explore a particular style of measurement. It is also suitable for those in general business wanting to measure their impact. We take an hour and half to walk through the elements of RBA


This stage is delivered through four easy steps:
  1. Short phone conversation with you
  2. Email sent to you to confirm details
  3. 90min team or individual appointment via Zoom
  4. Email containing summary, recap and links to any resources you need

Taking it further:

As a follow-up to the basic session, we also offer a one-hour session whereby we can assist you to put together your own performance measures using RBA.