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Social Impact Measurement Basics

Social Impact Measurement Basics


This is an introduction to social impact program covering:

  • What does social impact mean?
  • How can you get involved in social impact programs, organisations and projects?
  • What are the benefits of social impact?

This is a discussion about demystifying the concepts and jargon around social impact.


Assists in pointing you to resources you can use to start your journey to learn more about social impact.

Examples of the types of resources that may be uncovered during this process are:

  • Websites where governments or other like organisations have done something visible in the world with regards to social impact.
  • A bank of population indicators which are ideal for people responsible for looking at impacting a particular population.

Suitable for:

Although designed for middle management of not-for-profits or government services and departments who work in the social service or human service space, it’s basically for anyone who wants to know more about how they can assist others to improve their well-being.

It’s about evaluation to measure the impact of your effort. It would give them the explanation of how they can measure the impact.


This stage is delivered through four easy steps:

  1. Short phone conversation with you
  2. Email sent to you to confirm details
  3. Team appointment via Zoom
  4. An email containing a summary to recap and links to the resources you need

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